You are a rebellious woman, who won’t let beauty ideals determine her self-worth.

You just need a little help to start looking at yourself from a different perspective and connect with your awesomeness.

In these 1 to 1 programs I will make a personalized plan with you to respond to your objectives.

You will beneficiate from the wisdom of yoga and the efficiency of integrative coaching to rock your relationship with yourself and your body


None of these fit you? No problem, call me and we can craft a tailor-made program just for you

  • Maite helped me so much in loving and accepting myself just as I am, with no need to change anything. Her yoga classes are dynamic and at the same time relaxing. The passion she puts in helping us reaching our best selves is inspiring!
    Carmen, Inner Goddess Trainee and Yoga Student
  • Before working with Mai I could not stop comparing myself to others and had a negative vision of myself. Now a have a healthy relationship with food and with my body. I love to exercise and practice yoga, not to be thinner but because I learnt to do it out of love for myself!
    Lena, Yoga Student and Inner Goddess Trainee
  • Maïté is the best yoga teacher I have tried so far. She takes a holistic approach to solving the problem you may have in terms of accepting/loving yourself. Her yoga method is innovative and will give you the energy to start a new healthy routine.
    Sophie, Yoga Student
  • There has really been a before and an after working with Mai for me! I used to hate my thighs and thanks to her I learnt to appreciate them for what they do for me everyday! Working with Mai helped me find peace and acceptance: I feel more free and appreciative of my own body! Highly recommended!
    Ceci, Yoga Student and Inner Goddess Program trainee
  • Working with Mai is a real pleasure. She is a shining person! At the beginning I did not feel very confident: about myself, my body, my ability to exercise... She made me realize how strong I was both in my mind and in my body. She helped me to shape my body in a healthy way but also to change the image I had of myself! Thank you so much for everything you are doing!
    Morgane, Inner Goddess Program trainee
  • I adore the way Mai is teaching yoga and the way she focuses on mixing good work out, relaxation and well being. It not only gives the feeling to have done a full yoga practice, but also gives a strong positive feeling. Mai is a fantastic coach and I am looking forward for the next workshop!
    Emilie, Body Positive Workshop Attendee

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